Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching: A Resource Guide for Classrooms and Communities (Paperback)

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An incredible, informative, collection of essays, articles, analysis, interviews, primary documents and interactive & interdisciplinary teaching aids on civil rights, movement building, and what it means for all of the inhabitants of the planet. With sections on education, economic justice, citizenship, and culture, it connects the African-American Civil Rights Movement to Native American, Latina, Asian-American, gay rights, and international struggles; while highlighting the often-ignored roles of women in social justice movements.. Packed into nearly 600 oversize pages are photographs, songs, statements, and work from the likes of such great writers, historians, and activists as Bill Bigelow, James Loewen, June Jordan, Grace Lee Boggs, Herbert Kohl, Bayard Rustin, Rita Dove, Malcolm X, George Jackson, Ward Churchill, Leonard Peltier, Thurgood Marshall, Gwendolyn Brooks, Elizabeth Martinez, Sonia Sanchez, Eric Foner, Marcus Garvey, Manning Marable, and dozens more. What a treasure trove. And what a vital (and useful) tool.

Product Details ISBN-10: 1878554182
ISBN-13: 9781878554185
Published: Teaching for Change, 12/01/2004
Pages: 562
Language: English

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Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching

"Every teacher should read this book, no matter what subject they teach."  —Cathy Archibald, SNCC veteran and education activist


Winner of the 2004 Philip C. Chinn Multicultural Book Award

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